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BBWRelationships Community Watch

BBWRelationships Community Watch

BBWRelationships Community Watch: We at BBWRelationships strive to keep our community free of Scammers and people that don’t follow site rules, but sometimes a few slip through and we need your help to keeping our commun… »

Profile Pictures and Album picture posting

Profile Pictures and Album picture posting

Profile Pictures1- No nudes are allowed in profile pictures, no dick pics, exposed breast, ass pics etc, they will be deleted, be sexy but keep your clothes on.2- No pictures of people in your main profile picture that d… »

Canceling / Deleting Profiles

Canceling / Deleting Profiles

You have a choice to either cancel or delete your profile, canceling your profile does not delete it, Why the difference.Canceling profile: This is more of a time out for your profile, your profile is no longer viewable… »